Sell more digital and traditional products with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Keepsakes Collections and Creations Software/KC2
Get one seamless, start-to-finish, sales-to-fulfillment solution

It’s smarter software to satisfy the professional imaging needs of you and your clients. It addresses each important aspect of your business – ordering from your lab through boosting sales, to shipping/fulfillment to clients and beyond. It simplifies your life and boosts your digital and printed product sales. It provides your own online storefront with products, prices, and “collections” you select. It’s e-commerce elevated and simplified. It’s KC2 Software from KODAK PROFESSIONAL Imaging Solutions, and it’s ready to work harder for you now

6 great reasons to check out KC2 now

Visit our website at to learn more, but consider these advantages for starters –

  1. Promotes a “collections” approach to your prospects and clients – focusing and educating on the value of packages that combine the versatility of digital files with the beauty and longevity of printed products
  2. Integrates smoothly with your pro lab(s) – offering intuitive, intelligent ordering
  3. Get your own personalized, branded online storefront – so you don’t have to develop your own e-commerce solution or site
  4. Edit and organize images and create unique products easily – where you set the prices (and pay a fee only when you make a sale)
  5. Reinforces your photo expertise – as the trusted advisor for clients, helping them understand the irreplaceable value you provide
  6. Highlights the “share/relive/preserve” approach – that resonates with millennials and today’s consumers

And we didn’t even mention all the ways that KC2 can increase your sales. Learn about that and much more at now.