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KODAK 605 Photo Printer Firmware - WINDOWS Operating Systems

By downloading this firmware you agree to this End User License Agreement.


Release Date: 
December 2017
Installation Instructions: 

Verifying the Current Firmware Version

  1. Make sure that the power for the printer is on, and “Ready” appears on the display.
  2. On the operator panel of the printer, press [Menu] until "Main Firm=" appears with the current Main firmware version.
  3. Does "Main" =  "2300" appear on the display? 
  4. If yes, then printer firmware is up to date.  If no, follow the steps below to install new firmware.  Make sure to have printer in Ready mode by pressing Paper Rewind/Clear in the front panel.

Installing the Firmware


Do not unplug the USB cable or press any keys on the keyboard during the firmware upgrade.

  1. Download and run the .exe file above. 
  2. When the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog opens, browse to a folder to unzip the file and click the Unzip button. The files will be extracted to your system. Note: The default Unzip folder is:  "C:\Kodak Alaris".
  3.  Navigate to the extract folder location selected and open the folder "EK605_FW_(M2300_D2000_U2100_T2200)".
  4. Double click on the file "EK605upgrade.bat".
  5. "F/W download complete. Press any key to continue..." appears when the firmware installation is complete. Press any key on the keyboard to close the window.
  6. Verify that the firmware is installed. Follow the above instructions for "Verifying the Current Firmware Version".
  7. Install the firmware on each additional 605 Printer that requires the update.