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KODAK Picture Kiosk

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KPK+ Stationery Greeting Card Update

The KPK+ Stationery Greeting Card Update adds support for Flat Stationery Greeting Cards.

KODAK Picture Kiosk Plus Software V4.X, V5.X, V6.0, V6.1, or V6.2 must be loaded on your system before installing this update.  

Release Date: 
January 2018
Installation Instructions: 

Installing the KPK+ Stationery Greeting Card Update

Extract the files from the self-extracting ZIP file and copy to a CD or thumb drive.

2 From the Main screen, touch Setup.

Touch Install Software.

Insert the CD/thumbdrive into the CD-RW drive.

At “Software Installation”, touch Check for Disk.

At “Installation CD Detected”, touch Install.  

The installation will automatically reboot the system.  Once the reboot starts, remove the CD.