Kodak Alaris Colorado Contract Manufacturing

A tradition that few can match.

Leave it to Kodak Alaris Colorado to bring science to the art of roll-to-roll gravure printing, web converting and chemical manufacturing – providing you with a unique opportunity to take advantage of a foundation of more than a century of materials and manufacturing expertise.  For more than 25 years, we’ve been gravure printing high-quality solvent-based products, with industry leading technology and equipment located in clean and modern facilities.  Our focus on quality and supporting analytical capabilities will deliver results you can trust and depend on. 

Six-Sigma Black Belt, Lean Manufacturing, product commercialization, and process development expertise helps us optimize manufacturing operations and resolve complex technical issues.  Our long-standing tradition of meeting and exceeding environmental, health and safety regulations ensures the safety of our workforce, customers, and the environment. Kodak Alaris Colorado provides “one-stop shopping” to take your product from concept to the end customer, with world-class quality at a low manufacturing cost.


Gravure Printing

Kodak Alaris Colorado has successfully used high speed gravure printing to manufacture a wide variety of products for demanding photographic applications. We developed a roll-to-roll manufacturing process for printing a vast number of solvent systems onto a variety of ultra-thin substrates, with the ability to print up to 8 distinct functional layers in a single pass.  And now we’re giving you the opportunity to utilize our unique printing capabilities to manufacture specialty products, such as:

  • Battery Components
  • Dye Sublimation Thermal Media
  • Home Decor Materials
  • Identification Card Media
  • Solar Industry Components                            
  • Specialty Printed Inks
  • Synthetic Membranes
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thin Web Converting and Packaging

Kodak Alaris Colorado has decades of converting experience in roll-to-roll slitting, rewinding, and packaging of products to meet the exacting dimensional tolerances of the imaging and printing industries.  Our slitting and spooling equipment is capable of converting a wide range of materials including plastic films, thin papers and thin gage metals and foils, among others.

Kodak Alaris Colorado has access to a dedicated packaging engineering laboratory with full-time resources to develop and test new packaging and shipping concepts, including package design optimization, effects of transportation, and environmental testing.

Chemical Manufacturing

Kodak Alaris Colorado has significant experience producing specialty chemicals for the photographic, thin-film and paper industries. Multiple on-site reactors, head tanks and holding tanks provide the capabilities to produce a wide range of high quality polymers in a safe and cost effective manner. Our on-site testing facilities and strategic laboratory partnerships enable us to confirm your product release specifications are achieved real-time. Refrigerated chemical storage facilities enable raw materials and outgoing products to be managed to meet your unique needs. 

Testing and Analytical Capabilities

Kodak Alaris Colorado has the quality testing and analytical capabilities to ensure that your product meets the most stringent performance specifications and quality requirements.  Our testing capabilities range from raw materials characterization and analysis through final product quality and appraisal.

On-site laboratories offer a broad range of specialized test equipment, instrumentation, and testing methods to provide timely data and information for troubleshooting and quality control.  And our experienced laboratory technicians use proven scientific methods that meet accredited testing and measurement industry standards. We also have strategic partnerships with outside laboratories to complement our on-site testing capabilities.

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