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Please see for the new features in KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange / KODAK Picture Kiosk V7.1

Release Date: 
avril 2019
Installation Instructions: 

Installing the Version 7.2 Application Software
IMPORTANT! You must install the software on each Kiosk.
1. Does “KPK+ V7.1” or "APEX+ V7.1” appear in the lower left corner of the screen?
2. From the Main screen, touch:
• [Setup]. Enter the password if necessary.
• [Install Software]
3. Insert the CD into the CD drive, or insert the USB Thumb Drive into an available USB Port.
4. At “Software Installation”, touch [Check for Media].
5. At “Installation CD Detected”, touch [Install].
The Kiosk restarts and a backup occurs.
6. Remove and store the CD or USB Thumb Drive in the software wallet.
7. At “Installation Complete”, touch [OK].
8. Touch:
• [Continue]
• [Start Over]
• [Exit]