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HTTPS Certificate 2021 Update

The "HTTPS Certificate 2021 Update" updates the security certificates used for WiFi and other secure communications.  It is required for all APEX+/KPK+/SPS systems.

Release Date
Installation Instructions

Installing the HTTPS Certificate 2021 Update 

1. Touch:

• [Setup]
• [Diagnostics]
• [Application Health Check]
Is this an APEX+, KPK+, or SPS system?

Yes -- Continue with Step 2.

No -- Do not install this software!

2. Touch [Setup]. Enter the password if necessary.
3. Touch [Install Software].
4. Insert the CD into the CD drive, or insert the USB Thumb Drive into an available USB Port.
5. At “Software Installation”, touch [Check for Media].
6. At “Installation CD Detected”, touch [Install].
When installation is complete, the CD ejects.
7. Remove and store the CD or USB Thumb Drive in the software wallet.
8. At “Installation Complete”, touch [OK].
9. Touch:
• [Setup]
• [Diagnostics]
• [Application Health Check]
10. Does “HTTPS Certificate 2021 Update” appear?

Yes -- Continue with Step 11.

No -- Install the software again. If it still does not appear, contact Service and Support.

11. Touch:
• [Continue]
• [Start Over]
• [Exit]