Picture Kiosk


KODAK Picture Kiosk G20

Today’s customers want it now

Provide instant gratification and easy self-service usability with the KODAK Picture Kiosk.
Our focus on intuitive functionality combines with a powerful operation system to deliver what you need.
Modular design options let you invest at your own pace-piece by piece to match sales growth.



  • Built-in Wireless capabilities for the fast, secure wireless connection via APPLE and ANDROID OS enabled phones
  • Customers can print premium products from home for pick up at retail or at retail using their smartphones
  • Sleek interface design makes pictures pop and inspires consumers to do more with their everyday moments
  • Large 16:9 ratio, high resolution monitor brings your customer’s KODAK MOMENTS to life
  • Ability to offer multiple top screens to merchandise and drive additional sales.

Kodak Moments Kiosk G20 Order Station Sell Sheet

Printer Options

KODAK D4600 Duplex Photo Printer
Pour des clients qui veulent tout, tout de suite

Grammage de luxe et impression inoubliable.  Couleurs vraies et éclatantes. Noirs riches et authentiques.Choix d'options et de formats créatifs.

  • Albums recto verso avec photos en bord à bord
  • Calendriers mensuels en bord à bord
  • Cartes de vœux recto verso personnalisées en bord à bord