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Windows 7 Monthly Security Update

February 2020:  The February 2020 Security Update is a cumulative release, containing all prior Windows 7 security updates.

This Security Update contains these updates:

32-bit systems:

windows6.1-kb4490628-x86_3cdb3df55b9cd7ef7fcb24fc4e237ea287ad0992.msu windows6.1-kb4474419-v3-x86_0f687d50402790f340087c576886501b3223bec6.msu windows6.1-kb4536952-x86_f3b49481187651f64f13a0369c86ad7caa83b190.msu windows6.1-kb4537829-x86_6043573e1ad978eacd304089604a36ad5ee92731.msu windows6.1-kb4537820-x86_e2b8603f809f4eebf149fec32dc3588a96e6f1a3.msu

64-bit systems:

windows6.1-kb4490628-x64_d3de52d6987f7c8bdc2c015dca69eac96047c76e.msu windows6.1-kb4474419-v3-x64_b5614c6cea5cb4e198717789633dca16308ef79c.msu windows6.1-kb4536952-x64_87f81056110003107fa0e0ec35a3b600ef300a14.msu windows6.1-kb4537829-x64_b4f4c2cd38b45a81fe9278e97e72fc3f8dc1bb70.msu windows6.1-kb4537820-x64_3ee2a66a320dfe4eea2bda70bf9b5471b014f2a3.msu



Release Date: 
Febbraio 2020
Installation Instructions: 

For each security update:

Extract the files from the self-extracting ZIP file and copy to a CD or thumb drive.

2 From the Main screen, touch Setup.

Touch Install Software.

Insert the CD/thumbdrive into the CD-RW drive.

At “Software Installation”, touch Check for Disk.

Touch Install Modules.

Touch Continue.  

Touch Install.

The installation will automatically reboot the system.  Once the reboot starts, remove the CD or thumb drive.