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Kodak Professional 400TX Single Use Camera

Timeless, versatile and always strikingly honest.

We’ve taken the world’s best-selling black-and-white film and made it more accessible than ever. From documenting editorial images to everyday moments, this new single-use camera makes it simple to capture beautiful photos – even for amateur photographers.

It’s pre-loaded with 27 exposures of the classic Kodak Professional TRI-X 400TX film and designed with automatic Power Flash that recharges to take the worry out of taking photos indoors.


Tech Specs


KODAK Sport Single Use Camera

Survives where your regular camera won't!

Waterproof, rugged, durable, shock-proof rubber shell

Great for bumpy rides and rocky trails. Roller coaster anyone?

Sunscreen and scratch resistant lens

No blurry pictures from sunscreen smudges. Avoid scratches from sand and snow that can ruin pictures.

Clearest, sharpest pictures!

Loaded with KODAK ULTRA MAX 800 speed, 27 exposure film for cleaner, sharper pictures than any underwater camera.

For outdoor and daylight use only


KODAK Power Flash Single Use Camera

Worry-Free picture taking made easy!

Get great pictures in outdoor or low-light situations. This automatic flash recharges to take the worry out of picture taking.

Always be ready with Power Flash

Automatic flash recharges, covering 4 to 14.5 foot (1.2 to 4.5 meters) flash range. Great for outdoor or low light situations.

Bright colors!

Loaded with KODAK 800 speed, 27 exposure film for pictures with bright, vibrant colors.


KODAK FUN SAVER Single Use Camera

Easiest way to capture your memories.

If you're looking for a fun, easy way to take great pictures, indoors or out, the KODAK FUN SAVER Single Use Camera is a great choice.

An easy way to capture great indoor and outdoor memories

Brighter, vibrant colors!

Loaded with KODAK 800 speed, 27 exposure film for pictures with bright, vibrant colors.

23% better pictures

Compared to any 400-speed film camera.

Simple manual flash

With a 4 to 11.5 foot (1.2 to 3.5 meters) flash range. Must charge before every picture.


KODAK Daylight Single Use Camera

Simple, inexpensive way to capture your outdoor events and memories

Loaded with ISO 800-speed film, ideal for just about any outdoor conditions with varying levels of sunlight.

Excellent outdoor pictures

The Daylight Camera features a precision, high-quality lens with a focal length of 1 meter to infinity to give you clear, sharp pictures.

Easy to use - Just point and shoot

Comes preloaded with 27 or 39 exposures per camera.

The Kodak Daylight Single Use Camera ISO 800 is the perfect match for any outdoor summer event or holiday.