KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Minilab Print Processors

KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME Chemicals for Minilabs with Standard Process Times

For minilabs with standard process times, use KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME, or PRIME LORR Chemicals for Process RA-4. These chemicals are designed to reduce storage, labor, and processing effluent in mid- to high-volume minilabs.

  • Single-part liquid concentrates
  • Easy mixing and handling
  • Reduced number of mixes, longer lasting replenishers
  • Sizes available to fit your needs
  • With replenishment rate and/or temperature adjustment PRIME LORR Chemicals can also be used in short-cycle processes.


KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-2SM

Kodak's SM chemicals are simple, safe and easy. Clearly marked cartridges can only be loaded onto your minilab in the correct position. There is no chemical mixing, which eliminates the potential for mixing errors that can result in incorrect processing of your customers' films or costly rework of prints.

  • Short cycle time with fast developer and bleach-fix times
  • Faster process cycle than Process RA-4 — obtainprints faster for increased productivity
  • Optimized for all levels of process utilization
  • Process RA-2SM is intended for processing EDGE and ROYAL Papers in minilab processors
  • Specially designed chemical concentrate packages called Processing Units (P1 & P2) install directly on processor and require no mixing of replenishers

Note: KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Papers are not recommended for use in this cycle.

KODAK EKTACOLOR Processing Cartridge 111 (PC111) for FUJI FRONTIER Digital Minilabs Paper Processor Models 300 and 500 Series

  • Use in place of FUJI Process CP-48S and CP-49E Processing Cartridges
  • Drop-in cartridge for all models of the FUJI FRONTIER Digital Minilab
  • Requires no changes to equipment or replenishment  rates. Simply load the cartridge and continue processing. Each cartridge provides enough developer and bleach-fix to process 111 square metres of paper, or about 7170 4 x 6-inch prints.