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The world’s best professional films.

Kodak Alaris delivers the world’s best film for the professional market, helping photographers take powerful images with the most comprehensive and technically superior professional film portfolio available today.

Read more about our films here: KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films brochure.

Available Films

The following Professional Films are offered for sale worldwide
   2019 Pro Film List

The following Professional Sheet Films are available on a special-order basis
   2019 Pro Sheet Film Special-Order List
   KB Canham Cameras

Proper storage and care of photographic film is important
   Storage and Care Information summary

CT Scanner Warning Label
   CT Scanner Warning Label

   Single warning label – Japan (0106)
   Single warning label - Europe (French, Italian, Spanish and German)
   Print template for warning labels (Avery 5164) 8.5x11
   Print template for warning labels (Avery 94211) 8.5x11
   Print template for warning labels (Avery L7166B) A4

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Looking for Film

Professional Color Film
Capture Artfully. Print Impactfully.

Kodak Alaris delivers the world’s best films, helping professional photographers take powerful images with the most comprehensive and technically superior film portfolio available today. The world is your canvas; expand your creativity through the control and expression of film capture.



Black and White Film

Black-and-white is honest. At times beautiful, at times brutal. Always revealing the truth - of a situation, of an emotion, of the fleeting permanence of nature.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Black-and-White Films deliver superior performance across the board. There simply is no better family of black-and-white films available today.

From the always timeless TRI-X, to the incomparable sharp T-MAX 400, there's a black-and-white film in our family that lets you expose the truth in stunning detail.

Consumer Film

For all types of photographers, daylight-balanced color negative films offering a versatile combination of vivid color saturation, fine grain, and high image sharpness.

Single Use Cameras
Single-Use Cameras provide superb quality pictures even where traditional cameras don't dare to go. Stylish, compact, and robust, these cameras can be taken anywhere. They fit your lifestyle,  are easy to use and ready for action.
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