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KODAK Professional Film Product Announcement - June 28, 2021

Temporary change to Kodak 135 format film canister end caps

For a short period of time, we will be replacing the end caps on our 135 format film canisters.

These will start shipping from our Colorado facility in the next couple of weeks. That’s important only because the temporary replacements will be silver instead of our traditional black.

We wanted to reassure you and provide enough detail so that you can explain if asked. As you may already know, we currently use tin free steel (TFS) for all 135 magazine end caps. Due to shortages worldwide, our supplier will not be able to provide TFS to our manufacturer until September.

After looking at multiple options, we’ve found and tested an alternative material source (tin plate steel).  It will not be painted to match our standard look and feel.  We’re using the non-painted end caps until we are once again able to procure our standard TFS product.

The temporary replacement has passed all the internal testing requirements (photo activity / light integrity). If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached by email at 


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