Chemistry (AgX)

Choose KODAK Photochemicals for quality, reliability, and consistency.

From the smallest minilab to the largest commercial lab, Kodak has developed a range of photochemicals that help ensure all retailer, professional, and wholesale photofinishers have chemical choices that suit their needs. Having the right chemicals is important — they play a vital role throughout the imaging operation, helping to manage picture quality and facilitate enhanced productivity.

Easy-to-use KODAK Photochemicals feature:

  • Low replenishment rates for minimal waste and environmental impact
  • Simple mixing with easy-pouring, splashless bottles
  • Color-coded packaging for error-free mixing and enhanced productivity
  • Optimized process quality, regardless of water quality
  • Convenient sizes that match utilization and maximize cost per roll/print

The versatility and universal application of KODAK Chemicals provides the consistency and reliability you need from your photo equipment. Our chemicals deliver benefits to any size or mix of business through improved performance of your workflow and productivity.

Color Negative Film Processing Cycles (C-41)

KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals are designed for processing all KODAK Color Negative Films, as well as other manufacturers’ compatible films. Choose the C-41 chemicals that match your equipment needs. You may have additional choices based on your utilization, plumbing, and effluent restrictions.

Continuous, rack-and-tank, and roller-transport processors:
FLEXICOLOR Chemicals: Process C-41 (Film)

FLEXICOLOR Chemicals: Process C-41B, C-41RA, C-41SM (Film)

Color Paper Processing Cycles (RA-4)

KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals are designed for processing all photographic papers, including KODAK ROYAL Papers, KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper, and KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Papers and Materials, as well as other manufacturers’ compatible papers.

Continuous and roller-transport processors:
EKTACOLOR Chemicals: Process RA-4 (Paper)

EKTACOLOR Chemicals for minilabs (Paper)

KODAK PROFESSIONAL RP30/SRP30 and AGFA D-Lab Digital Printer/Processors:
EKTACOLOR Processing Cartridge 92/110 (Paper)

Black and White Processing Cycles

Professional labs and advanced amateurs alike will find a wide choice of chemicals for black-and-white film and paper processing.