The Travel & Leisure Market

Helping you create unique branding experiences for your guests.

There's no better way to remember a favorite vacation or special event than with pictures -- and that includes photo books, calendars, collages, videos and more. Today's guests want to see their pictures right away -- and share them quickly, too. If they get home and regret not buying a special picture, they want to go online or run to a nearby kiosk. We can help you reach customers when and where they want, so you maximize revenue from each and every guest -- and they come back for more!

Travel and Leisure: Our Expertise

A Total Service Solution

The Travel & Leisure business unit of Kodak Moments (Travel & Leisure) provides powerful, proven digital imaging technology plus dedicated, global experience and resources in retail, operational and technical support – all in scalable, flexible designs tailored to the unique needs of our partner companies.

Find out how we encourage impulse purchases with a constant stream of exciting, innovative products, helping you realize more revenue from every guest visit.


Enterprise Photo Exchange: Our Technology

Imaging Technology to Help Grow Your Business

The core of every Travel & Leisure installation – is an integrated, secure, fully-scalable, enterprise-wide imaging management platform. The result: the best possible guest experience, and the highest possible revenue enhancement for our partners.

Integrate imaging into your operations. We'll provide you with our expertise in imaging technology and supporting services that will create memorable experiences for your guests.